Saturday, January 7, 2012

TV's Most 'OH Get Together Already!' Couples Part 1

Call it a guilty pleasure but us television junkies take our favourite characters' romance seriously. We cheer them on when they finally reveal their feelings to each. We do a fangirl scream when they finally kiss. We also shed a tear (or using up boxes of tissue for some of us) when they are force to break up. But after deligently following a show season after season, we just can't help but yell "OH! Just Get TOGETHER Already!". Here's a look at some of television's most awaited couples:

1. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (X-Files)

We watched season after season as the couple chase down little green men, paranormal beings and shady government officials. It's obvious that they have feelings for each other but they just won't admit it. Viewers had to endure 8 seaons of almost romance before they shared a kiss. EIGHT seasons just for a kiss?? Phewww..what a wait

I Want to Believe in Mulder & Scully

2. Seely Booth and Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Bones)

The unlikely coupling of an FBI agent and an anthropologist had us on a hook for 6 seasons. Each season, we keep hoping that Bones would let go of her rational thinking for once and just get it on with Booth. Thankfully she finally did by the end of season 6 and now they are a couple with a baby on the way.

Bones & Booth (with their "friend")

3. Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)

Right from the beginning, a strong chemistry is formed between these two but they never got together due to a string of complicated situations. That include Elena who got together with Damon's brother, a psychotic doppleganger ex girlfriend coming back to raise hell and add in the fact that he's a vampire. Midway of season 3, they finally shared a real kiss. Hopefully there'smore where that came from.

Delena Forever <3

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn by Barney Stinson

I just finished from laughing too much on the latest episode of How I met your Mother. I got to say this epi really tops ups the others. Just a gist of of the story, this time around in the episode entitled "The Playbook", Barney reveals that he has something called the Playbook - the black book which has every trick he has used or wishes he could use on women to get them to go with him. There was one particular trick called the Lorenzo Von Matterhorn. The scam here is to pick a very unique name (I have never heard of matterhorn in my entire life before) and set up a series of websites. Once you go to the bar, pick a girl with a nice phone. Introduce yourself as if you are famous. Obviously when the girl doesn't know who you are, pretend to walk off for awhile. She does a background check on you. Walah....there are a series of sites that promote your image come back and offer her coffee...she jumps at the chance and to quote Barney "It is ON...." *winks*

Barney Stinson - Legend - wait for it - Dary

The most amazing part of Meet Mom is that the show is so phenomenal that it really influences audiences to search for Lorenzo's info after watching that episode. Wikipedia even reported that the name was the most searched term of the day after the airing of that episode (epi 9 of season 5). I, too, was curious and search for it. Surprisingly there were so many sites talking about Lorenzo. Some were real and some were fabricated as shown in the episode. You may visit these following sites and view Lorenzo's "achievements".

Balloon explorers club states of Lorenzo's 'hot air balloon adventure'

Big Business Journal naming Lorenzo as "Billionaire of the Week"

In the meantime, this a full video of Barney's video resume which will have you Laughing!! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fringe Season 2 Episode Premier Review

I have just finished watching Episode 1 of season 2's Fringe and I'm really glad to say that J.J and team did not disappoint at all. Yes, it's THAT GOOD. Not wanting to give too much of spoilers for the show here is a brief story about what has happened so far.

The series opens with a modern day shapeshifter (you'll see what I mean by modern) taking the form of a victim. On the other hand, Olivia was found missing from her car until she reappeared back suddenly by crashing out of the car's screen. Weird isn't it? If you follow this show, you will see all kinds of weird and gross stuff. Turns out that FBI is also seeking to shut down the fringe division despite their efforts of keeping the world safe. Meanwhile, the shapeshifter assassin is after Olivia who strangly does not remember of her visit to the parallel universe with William Bell, the president of the sinister Massive Dynamics. Well, let's just say the ending is quite shocking if you have been following the series.

If you would like to know more about fringe please follow the series. It's really good. Especially recomended for supernatural, sci-fi, and gross fans. Follow The Patern!!

Official Season 2 Poster

The Cast for Season 2

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Song Dedication Video

This song dedication is to Janice once again, this time in video format. Please enjoy=)

A special thanks to Jian, Wesley, Sean and off course Janice for playing a part in this video.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Captain Jack is Back!!!

As a fan of Johnny Depp, I'm very pleased to announce that a 4th installment of Pirates of the Caribbean will return to the big screen in summer 2011. For certain Johnny Depp has agreed to star once again as our favourite pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney has made this announcement on the September 11th that the 4th film was titled Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. So far it is confirmed that Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and actor Johnny Depp have signed on to this film. Geoffrey Rush (or known as Captain Barbossa) has also expressed interest in continuing with the franchise. However, Keira Knightly @ Elizabeth Swann has already stated that she wants to venture into different projects and will not resume playing her character. Director Gore Verbinski too has not confirm whether he will be back to direct Pirates once again but Bruckheimer is hopefull. I seriously cannot wait to see this movie as I admit I'm a huge fan of Depp and Pirates. Aye, Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum. Welcome back Captain Jack=)

Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides out in summer 2011

Johnny Depp - A Pirate, A creation with Scissor Hands, A seriel killer Barber, A Chocolate Factory Owner, A Flamboyat Bank Robber, A Mad Hatter

Captain Jack is Definitely Back

Pirates of the Caribbean by Klaus Badelt

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Butler's Double Serving

Fresh in cinemas this week is none other than 2 of Gerard Butler's films - The Ugly Truth and Gamer. You may not know who is this Butler guy but I bet you will recognize him from at least some of his films and characters such as King Leonidas from 300, The Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera, Gerry Kennedy from P.S I Love You and Alex Rover from Nim's Island. I find that his roles from these various movies are vastly different from one another which makes him an actor to look out for (the guy can even sing, has six packs and is good looking. What more can you ask for?).

First up we have The Ugly Truth, the romantic comedy starring with Katherine Heigl. Base on the trailer it really looks like your average cliche romance comedy but add Butler and Heigl in the mix you are sure to get alot of laughs from it. Somehow I predict that if a guy teaches a clueless/too scrutinizing girl about how to get the man would provide audiences with hilarious results. Cliche as it may sound about the storyline, I would like to go watch this show just for the laughs. Recommended if you wish to have a light moment and perhaps learn about the ugly truth about men and women ;)

Simple but Interesting Poster....
Trailer for The Ugly Truth

Next we have the action thriller movie Gamer. Butler this time plays a deathrow inmate who is controlled by a players who go out for battle in the video game world. All he has to do is to survive 30 rounds and he will obtain his freedom. Sounds easy? The catch 22 is that if your controller fails the mission that inmate will die for real. This is one movie that I'm keen to watch as it brings a new concept of real life gaming to a new level. The movie also starts Michael C. Hall(best known for his role as a seriel killer series Dexter), Ludacris (rapper and actor) and Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli of Heroes fame). Interesting mix of actors and cool storyline, this one is recommended for action and gaming fans (not to mention fans of Butler).

Playing for his life....Here comes Butler...looks like he maintained King Leonidas's six packs.....

Gamer's Trailer

Who says cats can't play games?=)

Friday, September 11, 2009

How Toys Are Associated

Many of us have a fascination and love for toys(Yes, even the oldest of us do cuddle up with toys). Whether it's soft cute cuddly toys or action figures, toys have a big roles on screen. For me, I just feel that toys are one of the most versatile actors on screen. This is because they can be seen as both the heroes and villains of a show. The pioneers for introducing the concept of toys coming to life was Toy Story. Now who can forget memorable characters such as cowboy Woody, Buzz Lightyear( To Infinity and Beyond!) and the reassemble Mr. Potato that come to life when no one is around.

The Crew of Toy Story 2. Another sequel, Toy Story 3 will be out tentatively in 2010 which will mark Pixar's 11th animation.

Another aspect is the villainous side of toys. Apparently toys can be deadly when they want to be. Remember Chucky the killer doll? yeah, that kind of proves my point. Well, although I do not have anything against dolls but sometimes I just find them creepy especially those antique or porcelain-like dolls. It's like they are staring at you, looking into the depths of your soul...just waiting for the right moment when you are vunerable to strike. Sounds exaggerating? Yes. But that's what my view of dolls. Probably that perception got stuck in my head due to watching too much of X-Files as a kid. Imagine watching a doll that goes round killing people when she opens her eyes and say "Let's have Fun..." Brrr.....creepy....Besides I was never the kind of girl who plays with dolls which I still think it's a good idea not to.....

Two words. Action Figures. They have been called the Big Boy's Toys and have made their debut in cinema for quite a fair few times. Already 2 of the most popular action figures made the box office this year - Transformers 2 and G.I.JOE. Both are seriously action pack movies with non stop kicks and punches from the start till the end of the movie. Yet these money making machines derive from the simple idea of toys. This shows us that toys are becoming not just a playthings as they once used to be. They can be something more and every step we take brings them closer to life.

From a toy, Bumblebee has evolved to producing a new special edition Chevrolet car.

Storm Shadow Vs Snake Eyes. By far the coolest characters from G.I.JOE. Snake Eyes especially is Awesome!!

This is one of the many examples of a cuddly toy that we hug=) so cute...............

This is one emo teddy bear which was shown on Supernatural season 4. Who says Teddy Bears don't have emotions?